Using Two Layers in Photoshop: Layer Mask

Working With a Bottom Saturated Layer and the Upper Desaturated Layer, for a Fast Coloring inside a mask to make only one object colored:

For more info in a book, you want to see the topic of a Layer Mask (this link is a tutorial video online,about Photoshop Layer Mask, what it is, how to do it, and tips.)

If you have a photo of color image in which you want only  one object to be in color, duplicate the image in photoshop to have two copies exactly alike and the same size.  Open them each in photoshop at the same time so you see two tabs in the work area… Use the top moving tool arrow to take one image by the corner and gently move that corner onto the tab of the other image… If the layers palette is not yet open, Click on Windows and then click on Layers… In this palette for Layers, you shuld see see two layers… unlock each one by double-clicking on the lock and selecting OK.  (if you cannot get two images stacked in the Layers Palette, please watch that tutorial video, linked above.. it really helps to get the visual on this step.

The lower image remains unchanged color but select the top layer and  desaturate it… Add the mask by clicking on the icon at the bottom line of the Layers pallette, the square with the hole in the middle… If you were to selct a black brush for a white mask square, you can move the brush opacity to 100% and “paint” the black brush of the desatureated layer’s MASK, inside that white mask square and move off the top layer by brushing it, to reveal the object below… The squyare is the top image inside the mask so only brush with the black brush over any top image you want to color… Flatten the image and you are done.

Some people instead of totally desaturating that top layer will take a program such as Lightroom and make that top layer only be a preset of a Bleach Bypass filter, in the left column of Lightroom’s Develop module.. instead of a Black and White desaturated top layer, which makes it be a pale patina of color, against the bottom fully saturated layer, for a different effect.



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