PDF File Info.

Adobe PDF Files

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a universal file format to preserve font, format, color, and graphics OF ANY SOURCE document, regardless of the application or computer platform used to create the original document.  For instance, you could use Microsoft Publisher, and save it as a PDF file, or use Word, and save it as a PDF file.  A Treasurer could use a Spreadsheet and save it as a PDF file in Excel.  The files are large in size, compared to the original document file size, but are very secure.

Anyone using the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on their computer, can read, navigate and possibly comment on and print a PDF file.  You can set up additional rights for Adobe Acrobat Reader Users to enable a reader user to digitally sign a PDF file.

A PDF document can also contain multiple languages such as English and Spanish on the same page.  The should print predicatable, with the right page breaks.

You can secure a file to prevent changes as well as limit access to confidential files.  Users with Adobe Reader can change the view magnification so those with a need for large print can read it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

When you navigate to you can click on Products at the top menu bar, then click on Acrobat, to read all about it.  There is no need to buy it in a suite, as that costs more, and all you will need to make the PDF files and set security will be a stand-alone full version of Acrobat Professional.  The full cost of the current version (Aug 2012) for version X, has been posted here at the Web site at $449 plus tax and shipping, and that is for a license for only one computer .  Student pricing is quite a bit cheaper but requires proof such as a current student body card, the name of the school and phone number and a print out of the registration/tuition payment for the class the student is taking..  Free 30 Day trial allows for free download and use for 30 days.

A variety of file formats can be converted to PDF format and opened in Adobe Acrobat.  In Acrobat Pro, you can assemble files in a Portfolio with built-in navigation, links, and voice files.  You can insert a blank page.

In Acrobat Pro, use the Convert PDF from Web page command, to download Web pages and convert them to Adobe PDF, keeping links intact..  You can convert individual e-mail to PDF to store it.

Practice files come with the book:  Acrobat X Classroom in a Book, the training workbook of Adobe Systems.  Lesson 13 is about “Using Acrobat in Professional Printing”.  Lesson 4 is “Reading and Working With PDF Files”.  Lesson 5: “Using Acrobat with Microsoft Office Files (Windows)”.  Portfolios can be made from separate PDF files, such as a Portfolio of Topics from different committees.  The individual documents in the Portfolio are still maintained as separate files for printing, editing, or reading independently of the others in the portfolio.

Pages in a PDF document that has been edited, can be renumbered. Embedded video, images or sound files need no other software for user viewing except the free Adobe Reader which has a link on the home page at


Abode Reader Software on User’s Computer

This software is free at with a link on their home page.  If Protected Mode is unchecked and restarted, so the Protected Mode is off, the Reader Software can “read” a PDF text file, for those with visual handicap, unable to read.  It is suggested that we use Reader in protected mode to keep maliciious PDF files out of our computer.  The see if your Reader version X is in the Protected Mode:  Choose File, Properties, select the Advanced tab, and view the Protected Mode Status.







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