About PDF Files (link to page)

This next link is a PDF File to test, to see if you can use File, in the menu bar, and then in the dropdown box use “Save As” , to get this PDF file downloaded to your own desktop, else try to e-mail to yourself, then open the file and save it to your desktop or drag it to your desktop.  Once it is on your desktop, it can be taken on a storage device like a thumb drive and have it printed elsewhere if you don’t have a printer at home.  It can also be e-mailed to someone else from your desktop, simply by attaching the file to the e-mail going out… You will not always have a network available for viewing the file on the Web site.


STEP 1 IS ONLY FOR WEB AUTHORS, PRIOR TO UPLOADING THE PDF FILE.(To accomplish Step 1, you need to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed.  If you are merely a user of the file, you download the Acrobat Reader (FREE) at


1. I removed security of the pdf file, using the full version of Adobe Acrobat to allow for e-mailing , attaching to e-mail, and copying or printing at high resolution. ( This step is only for the webmaster or Web page author, or the person making the blog page at  their own blog.)

(The following steps are for anyone wishing to e-mail this test.pdf file as a mail attachment.)

2. I was able to right click and send the test document as an e-mail attachment to myself. ( I was asked for the password of my own e-mail account.)  I must get this file to my desktop, in order to be able to mail it out to those who need to read the file.  Then it is treated as any other e-mail attachment you have done before.  On my Mac computer, I will look for it in my downloads folder after I click to download attachment, once it has been mailed to myself.

3. On the Mac, I opened my e-mail and clicked on Download.

4. I opened the Download folder and was able to drag this e-mailed file to my desktop.

5. I inserted a thumb-drive into the USB slot on the computer and was able to drag my PDF file to a thumb drive so I could now take the file with me when leaving the house or office.  In order to use this file on the i-Pad, I would have to mail to myself, as in Step 2, above, and open the e-mail from the i-Pad, instead of using the computer to open the e-mail.

6. To read any PDF document, be sure to download the Acrobat Reader current version X or higher,  from the home page link at


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