Lightroom 3 PreSets – Left Column in Develop Module

When developing, post-processing an image in Lightroom 3, there are darkroom effects listed in the left column and I will demo a few of them here, the first being the “zeroed” where all the sliders are naturally returned to dafault positions and you get to see the image without any effects at all.

Click on any image to see the larger version.

I am not going to demo the filters but the presets include a red filter, yellow filter, blue filter, green filter and some of the filter presets have an additional “high contrast” designation, so take a look at the list of presets and play with them if you are interested in seeing some filters in action, or any of the other presets… I could not demo all of them as the list is long but tried to select the more commonly used ones to demo.

Dew Point: dew on rose leaves; zeroed effect in Lightroom 3

About the Image – Before sunrise, the temperature reached “dew point” at which moisture condenses on the leaf edges, but since I also see a few “droplets” on the leaf surfaces, there had to have been a mist, as well, because dew point is ONLY on the edges. The dew evaporates quickly at sunrise, so you have to get out early, then position yourself behind the rose bush, while facing your best light, usually to the east. Do not use artificial light nor flash.. this has to be natural ambient light for the best results and is not studio work unless you have a refrigeration unit built in… so get outdoors where this phenomenon occurs.

Selenium Tones


Antique Light

Split Tone 3 preset


Cold Tone

Direct Positive

Used the right column in the Lightroom 3 develop module to split tone with blue for shadoww and red for highlights.

Left-column preset called "Aged Photo"


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