Projects Page    Note:  The Adobe Creative Suite CS6 and all CS6 products are now available.

1.  Photoshop CS5 Info and Resources Links

2. Labs

3. Gear and Manufacturers

Really Right Stuff in California.  Camera Support Specialists… designed their own Ball Heal, the BH-55LR, and carry camera L-plates and Pano Gear and much more… Catalog available.  L-Plates allow you to switch quickly from horizontal to vertical orientation while using a ball head… Make it much easier to photograph in either orientation.. L-Plates by make and model.  See online and call to order.  Pano rails take the mystery out of panoramas.  See Instructions in Catalog.


4. Resellers – Third party.

B and H Photo & Video in New York. – Catalog available. Bodies, all supplies and tripods, video, computers, you have to see this site to understand all it emcompasses.  Projectors, Light equipment, Lenses.

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