Color Managment Resources


Students are told of the research in color, and the written work of Johannes Itten… Here are a couple of links..

Itten’s Color ContrastsITTEN The ELEMENTS of COLOR (A book)

Sometimes my better lesson is just to look at color in nature when planning to make something.

Sometimes in sunsets the color is the main focus, aside from surroundings, to the composition fails but the color is saved into the image secondarily to any plan…  I want the color in my images to become secondary to the composition or reason for having created the image… can the image communicate as a metaphor… not a floral… florals as in natural images from nature, are the beauty of photography.  Color then,  in nature , such as bird plumages, should strive toward realism if the sensibility of the project is to create  an accurate portrayal of nature, as we see it and know it.

I can’t create an image just to be making a color. the color has to be secondary.. therefore it has to be studied, in order to be able to not dwell upon it, but let it happen.

A natural palette.

The craft project’s palette, borrowed from a seed catalogue (book) for ideas.


COLOR 2 (4 images): “The Culture of It” (related series, in color).


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