This is Cheryl’s image journal, blogged, to share.  I am a new student of photography and studied at Napa Valley College for two semesters, although have used the Nikon D90 for three years, and then was given a D3 in 2010 and took it into Yellowstone.  Most of the time I try to use a tripod, for sharper images.

I can visualize in my mind how I want an image to look, then create it.  I want light and color to be part of my images, and many are created with a short DOF…  I’d like to be outside in nature, with the wind on my face, and a camera in my hands.  Sometimes, I will play with photographing a subject indoors, but near a window for the ambient light.

Young jay in the backyard.

I wouldn’t mind joining a Photographic organization, if everyone understands that I know I am new, and that i know I have a ton of stuff to learn yet.  I am not heady about any of my images, because I know there is much improvement to be done/learning about  composing images, using the right exposure, and learning to communicate my ideas through this medium.  I am weak in Photoshop and other software.. I am not yet comfortable with the digital asset management software, like Lightroom… but try to use it, and often will open Photoshop from Lightroom to save the edited image back in the same album as the original…  I shoot RAW… just barely new to RAW, have PS 5.5 extended in a Creative Suite.  Have been using Beta copy of Lightroom 4 in March 2012, but prefer Lightroom 3… the Fill Light feature of 3 is gone in 4, replaced by other slider bars, not located in the same place in version 3.  Bridge and Aperture are new to me.

Thanks for visiting my blog…


March 12, 2012.



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