I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, retired from my first profession and learning digital photography and associated software. I have been a Web author and , of necessity, a blogger.. I prefer regular Web pages to blog pages, for the greater control of layout available on a regular Web page. I am learning Dreamweaver, HTML 5 and CSS3.  I am reviewing a Web technology book by Murach Publishing at  Update:  With a custom theme on a wordpress blog, I am now able to use HTML to make tables and control layout better.

Image created with Photo Booth on Mac

I have completed two semesters of digital photography course work and have more to complete.

My affiliations include a membership in the Mac Users Group, the Napa Valley Photographic Sociaty, and the Photographic Society of America.  These organizations keep me current with my new profession, and new changes in the software of the computers I use.  Each of the photographic societies have monthly critique projects and the PSA is set up in Study Groups of up to seven people in each group.  In one study group I have to critique the other six member’s images, and respond by deadlines, submit by rules, and  have an option to participate in submitting images to exhibitions.  My image will be critiqued by the other members of the study group..  It is good not to be limited to the opinion of one person, but I seek the opinions of several in the study group.  A critique process also occurs in the Napa Valley Photographic Society meetings.  Membership in the local group is $42 a year to anyone interested… The membership of the PSA with many more membership benefits is only $45 a year for a USA individual between the ages of 18-72.. Over 72 years-of-age and under 18 have price breaks. Mentors are available to members, free courses are offered.

My gear includes but is not limited to a Nikon D90, a D3 and a Canon EOS 5d II; a carbon fiber Gitzo Mountaineer II tripod with Ball Head called the BH-55 LR from Really Right Stuff.  I order camera bodies and lenses from B and H Photo Video, online or call-in my order. My current experience does not include film or darkroom but is limited to digital photography for which I am studying Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom,and other software,  when not out in field or post-processing at the computer.

Professional Affiliations:

Upcoming PSA Conference in “San Francisco”, September16-21 at Burlingame Marriott.

Additional information:


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