Back Roads in Sonoma County, CA

General Vallejo’s Home in Sonoma, CA

The Californios were the earliest Mexican settlers and holders of land grants in California.  In central California where the Napa and Sonoma Valleys have a lot of viniculture today, there was a large land grant held by General Mariano Vallejo.  His home was in Sonoma on what is now West Spain Street, around the corner the down the street from Sonoma Cheese Factory’s store on the Sonoma Square.

The following pic;ture is at General Vallejo’s home, now a museum, park, operated by the State of California.  This is a photo of the old Carriage House which houses some beautiful carriages once used by the family.  There is a house on the property and a large cistern sits on the property up the hill from the house where you can now see gold fish and turtles fed by park employees.  The house has been restored to the time period when it was occupied by the family.



Beaches in Sonoma County Along Highway 1

Nolrth of the town of Tomales, approaching the coastline, we found this rock formation which is very unual and looks like a previous cast of something  that had two eyes.  You can can stand in front of it by your car, in this highway pullout, and try to make sense of it.


What is this structure or hollow cast?  North of Tamales Bay, in a west-sided pull-out along Highway 1

The Dunes of Dillons Beach


The beach at Dillons Beach has a $7 day use fee but we got our money back for not staying longer than 15 minutes, in order to get this image.  It is well forth the fee for the beach has a lot to explore.  Many beaches of California have dangerous riptides, so before swimming, inquire at the hut, upon arrival, where you pay the fee, if it is safe to swim or wade at this beach.   There can be a lot of wind and the temperature drops considerably when foggy, so bring a warm jacket and protect the ears of children against the cold.  There is loose sand which can make walking a challenge but crocs shoes with holes in them, worked well.  The views were wonderful and this beach had a lot of birds.  A town named Dillons Beach has a general store but you can pack your own picnic and spend some time here.  Bring a road map if you have any doubt about how to get here off Highway 1 north of Tomales.

Where Salmon Creek Meets the Ocean along Highway 1 just north of Bodega Bay

When I first posted images of Salmon Creek online, people asked, “where is this”… There is a long bridge north of Bodega Bay, and a tiny sign on the bridge read, “Salmon Creek”.  I took the next turn-out going north, to get these images.





Pkortuguese Beach along Highway 1 in Sonoma County, CA.

Wind was a steady 40 knots making it difficult to even brace against the wind.  The light carbon fiber tripod was not an option.  It would have blown away without heavy weight which I did not have with me.


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