Join a Photographic Society

If you want your photos critiqued by photographers, join a photographic society and get into a study group.


The Photographic Society of America has memberships for $45 a year.  Say that you were referred by Cheryl Gribble, member number #105783, when you fill out your paperwork.

(You will be asked how you heard about the PSA, or who referred you, so use my name).  They have study groups you can ask to join.   You will see a name for the Director of the EID, or the Director of the CPID (Computer Projected Image Division, and can send email to them after you pay your membership fee and get a welcome email.  The EID groups have one image a month to submit with either August or September off.

The CPID groups have 4 images at a time to submit with 24 written critiques each round.  The Nature study group will be splitting soon into two groups but you cannot have anything made by man in your image, not even a wall or a brick.  The idea is to capture some “nature story”, not show something just sitting there, but animals in their habitat, doing something they normally do, like a bear fishing or a flying bird with a fish in its mouth, and this normally takes some travel time… I was lucky and caught the birth of a bison.  But that’s only an image for one month so if you won’t be having a lot of nature photographs, leave it for nature photographers who are a serious lot.

Good luck with your endeavors at learning more photography..  Part of your members to PSA will be free courses you may take in your first year, and other course offerings, and the ability to be able to exhibit at some International exhibit (they are monthly somewhere) when you want to. You can get acceptance points, and earn ratings in this PSA organization, but that is optional too, so if you want to try a study group, that is all you have to do. No one will ask more of you, than you ask of them…  Have fun.  I am learning about other software too, besides Photoshop.  I have a private mentor for a class without a time schedule on the assignments… and that’s great.

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