March 23, 2012

The sky flattened this late afternoon so there was no setting sun to see, but bright diffused light for one of these images, and the other was in shade.

Why did I create these images?  Because I wanted to practice off the tripod with hand-holding the camera body at ISO 400 with a grey sky, and diffused light without sun, so I knew in shade, I woud have a challenge similar to “low light photography” with that cyclamen image… and also, due to the intensitiy, and luminosity of the color of the other flower, whose name I am not familiar with, there would be less of a challenge, but nice light for petal detail, without help for the folliage except for the luminance of that yellow-green color which does well in low light.  These pictures wete created when the diffused shy was brightest in the west, but shaded by the house… These plants have a south-east exposusre.

To deal with the challenge, I used an  aperture to f/4 which was the maximum lower limit of this particular EF Canon 24-105 mm lens on the EOS 5D body.   I increased the light sensitivity to ISO 400.  The Photoshop post-processing for each image’s global adjustments included the Curves Adjustment Layers for Luminosity, Color, Contrast and Midtones, with a High Pass Filter of 20% used.   I have added the EXIF info. to the caption area.

1/60 sec; f/4; 70mm; ISO 400. In shade, sky overcast gray.

1/60sec, f/4, 75mm, ISO 400, WB Cloudy.

Am I happy with the outcome?  I believe I was optimizing the results of the hand-held exposures at ISO 400, instead of having used my usual ISO of 100 or 200… I rarely have gone over an ISO setting of 200, in the past… Another day, I will “double the test” to include an exposure bracketed at each of the ISO settings of 100, 200, and 400, and compare the tripod results.  That gets rid of any hand-shake interfering with that bracketed test of ISO settings.  I can learn by experimenting, but the best way, is tips from other photographers, so I want to network more, and to join in to a group of like-minded people enjoying photography.

By the way… as you read this blog, do not be surprised by typos… my forte was not typing… nor proof-reading, but I will try to fix the errors before you see them.  thanks for your visit.


About Me:

~ Cheryl Gribble, (learning digital photography).

I have merely completed the Beginning Digital Photography course of 1 semester but have not yet taken the Intermediate Digital course.  I call myself a “beginner”, and usually use a tripod.  I am retired from “work” and have time to try this.  I feel great when the grandkids call me a photographer.. they are less demanding of my results than the real world….. am grateful to have such fine grandchildren as fans, of course… but also am probably my own best critic.

In my gut, I know I am stalling before resuming Intermediate coursework, because I need to learn more first.  More Photoshop, more Lightroom, more camera technique and gain more experience, and network with more people, and watch more critiques, and start gaining some type of intuitive sense about light, color, and composition.

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