The Cutting of the Oak Trees

The neighbor across the back fence just had five Valley Oaks cut down, one of which had been a canopy over a good third of my yard for the past five years.. When the chain saw stopped after the first day, I went out at sunset to the bacy yard and tried to photograph a bird in the part of the tree waiting for day two’s chain saw.  Why in the Spring of the year while the birds were nesting did this happen right now?  What not later in the Summer after the nesting season?  Am I becoming the advocate of nature, and animals, as my interest  in outdoor photography grows.. this image is not done by a professional, but by a beginner, yet I can see and identify features of this bird..  I had to work with only a 105mm lens and don’t yet have a good zoom for the Canon.

The Oak tree boarder

Later today, Friday, which would be day 3 [of the tree cutting] (and the Oaks are practically gone), a bird identical to this one, and it may have been the same bird, was sitting in the barren lemon tree and staring at the ground… home gone.  Then with all the noise of the chain saws for three days, the Morning Dove left her nest on my back porch and has not returned.

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