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I Love Photography

I love photography.  I want to have a camera in my hand wherever I am.  I want to get over to the coast with my camera.. or see a great waterfall.  Sonoma County is also beckoning…  but some of the state parks in the Bay Area are closed now from state budget cuts.  I saw a book in Barnes and Noble about Bay Area hikes and places of interest.

There is a Think Tank Photography in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County), selling Think Tank bags for cameras… 4 man company, making it big. I think a new Canon deserves a new Think Tank bag… and a third-party strap without the Canon logo, that says “steal me”.  We are blessed with beauty, living in California… within a two hour drive, there are places I have not yet seen, never having traveled very much, but now I have the yen to visit places new to me.

I’d liket to take the Ferry across the SF Bay and photograph the trip along the way, and take pictures in the City.  I’d like to take the streetcar over to the Wharf for lunch, and back to the Ferry Building  in time for the early commute run, where the regulars have a running card game, interesting to watch.  Do you see a group of Ferry commuters between NYC and New Jersey, playing cards on the Ferry going home?  We do.  The Ferry Commute would make an interesting photo narrative if including the SF scene, lunch at the wharf, Wharf fishermen, and food on the plate, and the taxi, rushing back to the Ferry Building, when there is no time to wait for the return streetcar…

March 6 I will be south of SF at the airport, with my camera, meeting my Aunt coming in from midwest.  Then I will be passing by Berkeley (they have an Apple store and Spengers), and heading north on 80.  We will be able to look at part of the the new Bay Bridge construction.  Spengers on Tuesday, will I be eating seafood or a salad… then back on the east side of the Bay, and heading home…up 80 way… ‘haps taking in the view from a Crockett hill looking down upon the bridge below?  Will I be looking across the Strait at the Maritime Academy’s ship, too white in the sun to photograph…wishing I knew about filters alread and that I had some with me?.  I must learn about the filters… and the NDG’s.

Where will the pictures come from… where shall I be…. carrying a ruck sack, my camera and me?

Cheryl Gribble, March 5, 2012.

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